British Values at The Grange

The Grange CP School is committed to serving its community and surrounding areas. We recognise the multi-cultural, multi-faith nature of the United Kingdom and understand the crucial role our school plays in promoting these values. 

We encourage admissions from all those entitled to education under British law regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status. We are an inclusive school. We believe in: 



Rule of Law 

Individual Liberty 

Mutual respect 


Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Respect is a fundamental school value, around which pivots much of the work of the school. We pay explicit attention to this as part of our RE, PHSCE, and SMSC curriculum. Respect is a fundamental parts of our school value, mission statement and aims and is discussed deeply, starting with self-respect and covering respect for family, friends, and other groups; the world and its people; and the environment. Our R.E curriculum provides a broad and balanced education on a range of faiths, religions and cultures. We have E.A.L children and actively use school resources to promote their learning and integration into our school society. We deliver specific PSHCE units of learning through the Learn for Life Scheme and have visitors from other faiths who share their language and culture with our pupils.

Rule of Law 

School has links with the local police through the Police Community Support Officer. 

We have links with the Local Fire Services. 

We have a clearly structured behaviour policy which all stakeholders understand and 


We regularly review behaviour incidents in school and share these with key stakeholders. 

Class Rules; School Rules; Learning Behaviours; School Values; PSHCE lessons on the role of 

law and parliament are part of daily school life. School Council and Eco Council Meetings 

take place regularly and Collective Worship takes place throughout the week. Pupil Voice, 

RE planning and work books demonstrate a strong emphasis on all of these aspects. 

Learning Walks for behaviour and behaviour for learning are carried out on a regular basis.

Children are able to articulate how and why we need to behave in school and demonstrate they understand and can abide by these and The Grange Way. They are able to discuss and debate philosophical issues in relation to these.

Individual Liberty 

Pupils have key roles and responsibilities in school, such as: House Captain badges; Student 

Councillors and Eco Reps wear badges to signify their role of responsibility. 

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make courageous choices, knowing that 

they are in a safe and supportive environment. 

As a school, we educate and provide boundaries for young pupils to make choices safely 

for example during Outdoor Learning activities and Outdoor Learning Club. 

Through our curricular clubs and opportunities, pupils are given the freedom to make 


The aims, ethos, vision statement and The Grange Way are embodied in all that we do in 


Children are able to show independence in learning and to think for themselves. They 

understand the importance of accepting responsibility and of their right to be heard in 

school. Our pupils are consulted on many aspects of school life and demonstrate 

independence of thought and action.

Mutual Respect 

Our PSHCE curriculum and The Grange Way embodies values of Mutual Respect through 

units of learning such as Relationships and Being a Responsible Citizen. 

Our Sports Coaches, Teachers and Teaching Assistants actively promote an attitude of 

equality and fairness in PE. 

Respect is a fundamental part of the school’s vision, mission statement and aims. 

Our Buddy and Play Leader scheme promotes mutual respect between pupils across 

different phases of school. 

The Grange Way, Records of PSHCE Sessions and Collective Worship show a strong 

emphasis on mutual respect. 

Children can articulate why respect is important; how they show respect to others and how 

they feel about it for themselves. Children’s behaviour demonstrates their good 

understanding of this value in action. Children are able to talk about the different faiths 

and cultures they learn about, ask questions and show tolerance and respect for others of 

different faiths and religions.


Children are involved in Democratic processes e.g. voting for school councillors and shared rewards. The school council itself is led by members of staff and adheres to democratic processes, reporting its actions to the Governing Body each term. The establishment of a new School Council each year models the democratic process. RE planning and work books. Democracy is in action at our school. Pupils are able to work cooperatively in pairs and groups as well as in whole class situations. They understand about turn taking and respecting the views of others. All pupils throughout our school are able to use the language of respect.

Headteacher Ms Bev Boswell B.Ed (Hons) NPQH

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