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This term’s whole school curriculum project and common thread is ‘Dynamics’ where our children will learn about the motion and movement of our bodies under the action of forces; the forces or properties which stimulate growth and development; the dynamics of relationships and the varying levels of volume of sound in different parts of a musical performance.


Our driving subject is Physical Education with Art, Science, Music and SMSC at at the core of our learning this term with transition, performance and physical activity taking pole position. History and Geography will also be intrinsic with our Commonwealth and Olympic Games themes.



Foundation Stage

‘Superheroes and Moving On’

The children will talk about and express the people in their lives who mean the most to them. The class will talk about real-life ‘Superheroes’ such as people working for the NHS, police, firefighters etc. Finetuning our speaking and listening skills will be the focus this term as we prepare to make our first transition within the school. We will be listening to each-other’s favourite experiences and reflecting on what we enjoyed as individuals this past year. This will feed into our Graduation Show towards the end of the term where we will showcase our year together.



Years 1/2


We will be inspired by sporting icons, get creative with a range of artistic techniques and learn how to look after ourselves by exploring a healthy diet and learn about how our bodies work.

We will master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as develop balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.



Years 3/4


We will celebrate the diverse global spirit of the Olympic Games and we will explore the history of the Games.

We will be looking at the countries that have hosted the Olympics in the past, countries that take part in them and future countries that are making bids to host the up-and-coming Olympic Games. We will also be looking at inclusion within sport and how that has adapted over time as well as historical and current sporting heroes.

A member of Team GB will come into school to work with us and share experiences in sport.

By the end of this topic, the children will have a greater and detailed understanding of the history of one of the bigger international sporting events and also how sport has changed over time to become more inclusive for everyone.


Years 5/6


… celebrates determination, resilience and endeavour.


We research The Olympics – both the modern Olympics and the competition created by the Ancient Greeks. Through this, we will find out about incredible record breakers and compare and present sporting statistics.


We will undertake analysis of athletes, looking into what factors keep them at the top of their game. We will revise the main muscle groups and the effects of exercise on the body. We will design a logo for the Olympic Games, incorporating the iconic imagery of the Olympic rings.

By the end of the topic, children will have a wider understanding of exercise, diet, the factors and attitudes that contribute to sporting success and the history of the Olympic Games.

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