Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Dinner Money?

Presently the daily cost is £2.20


What time does school start? 

The doors open at 0840.

Register is between 0850 and 0900.

School starts at 0900.

We would encourage children to be in the school playground from 8.40 to avoid lateness and the stresses this can bring.

School finishes at 1515.


What if my child needs medicine in school?

If your child needs to take medicine in school you must give the Headteacher a completed form (Request for School to Administer Medication), which can be obtained from the school office. This is a written request detailing the medication to be given along with the frequency, dosage and any other relevant information obtained from healthcare professionals.
The medicine should be clearly labelled with:

  • the child’s name

  • the name of the medicine

  • the method, dosage and timing of administration (e.g. lunch time, between 12.00 and 13.00)

  • directions for use

  • the date of issue

  • the expiry date, if known


Where can I buy uniform?

Cross Embroidery in Lower Cherwell Street for school logo items and any supermarket 


How do I make an application for a school place?

See Admissions on this website


What do I do if my child is absent?

If your child is absent you must phone the school before 0850. All absences will be followed up by the school. All children should achieve at least 96% attendance and punctuality. Any child who receives less than this will be referred to Oxfordshire County Council’s Attendance and Welfare Team.


Can my child be taken on holiday during term time?

Holidays will not be authorised during term time.


What kind of rules will my child be expected to follow?

The Grange has a behaviour policy that all children and staff must follow. Children are expected to follow ‘The Grange Way’ and behave in a kind and respectful way to ensure that learning and enjoyment takes place at our school.


How can I find out about my child’s progress at school?

We will send you a report every July, towards the end of the academic year. You will also have regular meetings with your child’s teacher at Parents’ Evenings throughout the year. You can make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher at other times, if you have concerns.

If your child has Additional Learning Needs you will also have regular meetings with your child’s class teacher and the Special Educational Needs Leader.


What kind of food is served for school dinners?

The School Lunch Company provides meals at The Grange. Our school dinners are designed to offer the children something tasty and exciting, as well as being healthy, fresh and nutritious. The variety we offer the children is also essential. We offer a three-week rolling menu, with two different main dishes on offer every day – including both meat and vegetarian options. These menus are refreshed every term, so there’s always bound to be something fresh and exciting for the kids to enjoy. Special dietary requirements are not a problem either – whether gluten free, wheat free or vegan – just ask and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

We don’t skimp on the extras either! There’s always a delicious dessert on offer, as well as unlimited access to the salad bar, fresh fruit, organic yoghurt and fresh, homemade bread baked in the school kitchens every day.

How do I arrange for my child to have school dinners?

School Lunch menus for the current period are published in ParentPay.  In order to book meals, you must log onto ParentPay and follow the links to make meal bookings.  Meals for each week must be booked by Wednesday of the week before.

What is Parent Pay?

ParentPay is an online system that helps us to remove cash, cheques and paperwork from school.  We are using ParentPay to enable you to;


  • book and pay for school lunches for your child(ren)

  • book and pay for wrap around care sessions for your child(ren) 

  • provide consent and pay for school trips.

Parents can pay for items online or use paypoint. Parents wishing to use paypoint to make payment for any of these items should contact the school office where we can provide barcoded letters for use at any paypoint outlet.


What should I do if I think my child is being bullied?

Advise your child to speak to an adult in the school. This can be any member of staff with whom they feel comfortable. You may also wish to support your child by talking to your child’s class teacher.  We would encourage that your child reports any incident to the class teacher. We take accusations of bullying very seriously and any incidents are dealt with appropriately and with speed. If you are concerned about your child please speak to the head teacher and never approach a child or the parent.


Can I park at the school?

Yes, in both car parks. The school is accessed by residential roads and we ask parents to park legally and with due consideration for our neighbours.


Can my child cycle to school?

Yes, your child can cycle if they are accompanied by an adult. If you wish your child to cycle on their own we would need a permission letter from the parent with parental responsibility. We will then issue a cycle permit. A secure cycle shed is provided on site. We are keen for our pupils to cycle to school.


Can my child walk to school alone?

No, children must be accompanied by an adult. If you wish an older child to walk to school alone we must receive a permission letter from the parent with parental responsibility.


What should I put in my child’s packed lunch?

Please give children a healthy and balanced meal with a drink, but no sweets or chocolate bars. No glass bottles, and no fizzy drinks please. Packed lunches should be in a container that is clearly marked with your child’s name.


What do I do if my child has lost a piece of clothing?

Parents must either sew a name label into all clothing or write the child’s name in indelible ink.  If an item goes missing, your child must inform the class teacher and class teaching assistant and look in the lost property. We will do our utmost to find lost items but we are unable to provide a replacement. All lost property is stored centrally and is accessible to children and parents. 


Where will my child go when they complete their primary education at The Grange in Year 6?

We offer varied support in the transition from primary to secondary school. This process includes a parents’ meeting, workshops, and transition sessions. Due to our geographical location, our pupils go on to various secondary schools across Banbury and outlying villages.


When will my child start in Foundation Stage?

This will depend on their age and parental preference; usually children join Foundation Stage class in the September before their 5th birthday. Please see the school prospectus and Admission section. For further advice, speak to the school office staff.


Can my child bring toys in to school?

No, we normally discourage toys or collectables (e.g. football cards) being brought to school, unless the class teacher has specifically requested that they do. Please always check with the class teacher.


Will my child go on any organised trips?

Classes may go on trips to support the work they are doing in the classroom. We ask for parents’ permission to take children on trips and also for a voluntary contribution towards the costs.

How do I receive communications from you?

We use an app called ParentHub to send messages to parents and carers. You can download the app (available on both iPhone and Android) and register to receive fortnightly newsletters as well as other news and reminders. You can also visit our facebook page which is full of news and pictures from the wealth of trips and events going on in and around school.

What is the best time to talk to the teacher if I have a question?

At The Grange, we have an open door policy. If you wish you speak to your child’s class teacher, do so when you deem it appropriate. Mornings are busy so the end of the school day is best. Call the school office to make an appointment if need be. 


Is there before and after school provision?

Yes, within school and it is called The Orchard. 

The Orchard is open term-time Mon-Fri with the following sessions.

Breakfast Club (07:45 - 08:50) £6.00

Early Birds (15:15 - 16:45) £8.50

Night Owls (15:15 - 18:00) £11.50

Breakfast is provided in the morning and a healthy home-cooked evening meal provided for both Early Birds and Night Owls by our in-house chef. Please see the WAC FAQs for more details

At The Grange, we offer a variety of after-school clubs for different age groups. Clubs change every term and you will always be notified in the first week of the new term so you can apply.


How can parents get involved?

We encourage parents to get involved in various ways from attending trips to individual reading. We have a fantastic fundraising team “Friends of The Grange School” and would welcome new members with new ideas and contacts. 

Any other queries…..

The administration team in the school office will be happy to answer any other queries that you may have.


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