Wrap Around Care - 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?

The Orchard is available for any child attending The Grange or St. John's from Foundation Stage to Year 6.


When does the The Orchard run?

The Orchard is open term-time Mon-Fri with the following sessions.

- Early Breakfast (07.30 - 8.45) £1.50

- Breakfast Club (07:45 - 08:50) £6.00

- Early Birds (15:15 - 16:45) £8.50

- Night Owls (15:15 - 18:00) £11.50


What if my child attends St. John's?

If your child attends St. John's they will be dropped off and picked up by members of staff from The Orchard.

St. John's office hold a copy of registers so will also be aware that your child is attending The Orchard and when.


How do I book my child into WAC?

When booking sessions, you will need to select from the drop-down menu; "Breakfast" to book Breakfast Club sessions, "Afternoon" to book an Early Bird session and "After School" to book a Night Owls session. Sessions