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Capoeira Music Instruments

We deliver the Music National Curriculum through a creative whole-school programme of high-quality classroom and whole school performance, singing and activity. Through using resources such as Sing Up Music and Charanga, as well as external guitar tutoring and Music for Schools tutoring, our children are exposed to a broad and diverse range of repertoire, approaches, and musical traditions.


Our curriculum supports a fully-integrated approach to musical development, connecting the interrelated strands of singing, playing, performing, composing, improvising, listening, and appraising.


Music at The Grange is a stand-alone subject that incorporates the key elements of our projects throughout the year, maintaining our common thread throughout the school. At The Grange, our music curriculum enables the children to play classroom instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control, and expression; sing solo and as part of an ensemble; improvise and compose; increase their cultural capital through listening to and appraising a range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions; develop an understanding of the history of music.



We believe that studying music has a multitude of benefits. Our children use music as a creative and enjoyable way to express themselves, develop their composing and performance skills and explore the plethora of music that this world has to offer and we are passionate that music can promote mental development and self-esteem.


The length of lessons are as follows:


30 minutes per lesson for Early Years. (+ setting up time)

40 minutes per lesson for KS1 (+ setting up time)

50 minutes per lesson for KS2 (+ setting up time)

Music is taught through a two-year programme and each lesson includes warm-ups, main activity, and a conclusion. We have a range of musical instruments and technology to support the curriculum


We also offer opportunities for extra-curricular involvement in music. This includes KS2 choir throughout the year, Harvest, Christmas, Easter and GrangeFest performances, Children Singing for Children, Year 6 end of year performances and concerts. We have pleasure when musical guests perform for us and we love to sing as a whole school – especially our school song ‘The Grange School’.

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