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At The Grange, we strive to promote a Writing culture and build cohesion between Phonics, Spelling, Reading and Writing. We understand that to formulate strong writers, students need to be given the materials to express their thoughts and access their full creative potential. We develop foundations of phonics, reading and spelling which in turn provide the tools to progress each child as a writer. Writing is taught daily across the school.

The aim of The Grange CP School writing approach is to:

  • have consistency of approach and progression through Foundation Stage to Year 6

  • motivate children to write encouraging them positively to experiment and improve their work

  • provide the children with a stimulating writing environment surrounded by print in a variety of forms and contexts

  • teach a full range of writing strategies, including spelling, grammar, sentence structure       and composition;

  • reflect best-practice models and recent case studies. For example:


               -OUP RWInc Get Writing


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