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Eco Council

Our school Eco Committee are an elected group of students who have shown a passion towards actively making The Grange school more environmentally friendly.
The Eco Committee meet regularly to discuss and undertake different projects
for the good of the school community.   
As an Eco Council representative, you will:
Attend regular meetings
Share views and opinions of all children in your class about ways to improve biodiversity, sustainability and lessen our carbon footprint within the school community and globally.
Gather information from your class about Eco clubs and projects they do outside school.
Promote a healthy, green environment.
Encourage and motivate class members to become:
          Switch off monitors
          Compost monitors
          Water monitors
          Litter pickers
          Fruit monitors (KS1)
          Recycling monitors
But also: advocate Eco projects and groups … celebrate success of Eco competitions entered… enter gardening awards… take responsibilities further eg. RSPB Big Garden birdwatch, Local wildlife groups, Woodland Trust, Blue Peter green badge….

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