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Children & Families Support

Mrs Lynn Clarke
Home School Link Worker

All of our children have a right to grow up safe from harm

 Our team is always there to:


  • Ensure all children are able to access and benefit from the best educational opportunities by supporting parents/carers with their individual needs.

  • Promote positive links between home, school, local organisations and

       agencies so that families receive the best care and support

       that is available to them.

  • Improve the wellbeing of our children and their families.


Home & School:

We know how important it is to have a strong, positive relationship between home and school. If you have a problem and you’re not sure who or how to talk about it, then they are willing to listen, offer advice and support you.

Family Matters:

They provide information on various organisations that can support families through difficult times such as bereavement, separation, unemployment and illness.


​​​Challenging Behaviour:

At the Grange, we understand that being a parent is not easy, it’s a tough job and not everyone can be expected to get it right all of the time. If your child is presenting challenging behaviour, please don’t suffer in silence. There is support out there for you. Pop in for a chat with them and see what support is available to you.

Transition to secondary education:

The transition from primary to secondary is a big one and can be very daunting for children and parents.  If you feel your child would benefit from extra transition, please contact Lynn or Donna.

If you as a parent would like advice of different secondary schools or the applications do not hesitate to get in touch.


Money Matters:

They can provide support with benefits, support from local charities, accessible grants and agencies that support families on low incomes.

Wellbeing Ideas:

For wellbeing ideas and support please click the link below.

If you feel you or your family would benefit from support, please feel free to call Lynn on 01295 257861 

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