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What are we doing to catch up and keep up after COVID disruptions?

From September 2021, we are delivering a whole new approach and curriculum; building on and using the existing Cornerstones curriculum that we have used previously. We now provide a broader and more balanced curriculum based on 6 whole school projects using Cornerstones Curriculum resources ensuring that we bring the whole school together through a common thread and a curriculum that has a substantive and disciplinary core:

Paper Heart

Term 1


Space Supernova

Term 4 Universe


Term 2 Expression

Orange Poncho

Term 5



Term 3 Dynasties

LED Strip Lights

Term 6 Dynamics


The Curriculum is a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich primary curriculum. Its content is delivered through a range of subject-specific projects, which last a half term. Subject-specific projects cover art and design, design and technology, geography, history, RE and science. Maths is delivered through the principles of the Maths Makes Sense scheme, and English is supported by Jane Considine Writing, Reading and Spelling scheme. We also use:

Day to Day
British Values
  • Rising Stars for Science

  • Complete PE for Sport

  • Purple Mash and NatterHub for Computing and Online Safety

  • Charanga - primary music curriculum 

  • Discovery Education that fulfils all aspects of Personal Development

  • Letter-join whole-school handwriting scheme

  • Discovery RE

  • SCIB (Safeguarding Children in Banbury)

  • SCARF (Safety Caring Acheiving Reslience Frendship)

The purpose of the whole school projects is to build on the previous ones to create interconnected layers and a common thread. These interconnected layers provide a robust framework that ensures connectivity across the curriculum and indeed school.

Day to Day British Values
Personal Development
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