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Clubs at The Grange



The high level of engagement our children show in extra-curricular activities is reflective of the diversity in the school.


The Grange Primary School offers a variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities which run throughout the year. The subject of our clubs is decided through discussions with the children and staff and offer a breadth of opportunity throughout the term / year. Please see this terms club in the link at the top of the page.


Clubs take place at different times throughout the day to ensure all children have the opportunity to take part regardless of out of school commitments. Children can attend clubs before school, at lunch times and after school. We do not charge for our clubs.


The Grange Clubs are run by pupils, School Council, Grange staff, specialist teachers and external agencies, opening to a range of ages throughout the term.


Places are offered on a termly basis and when clubs are oversubscribed a waiting list is maintained.


Sports clubs are always popular at The Grange and we love to enter local sporting competitions with the Banbury Partnership of schools. The Grange is successful in local sporting competitions, with a strong reputation for sport.


‘Come on The Grange!’



Clubs available throughout the year …

Football Club (Mrs Smith-Childs / Mr Wilson)

Our Grange Football Team enjoy practising their skills before competing against local schools within the Banbury Partnership. Ryan the Manager for Banbury United enjoys coming to train us.




Cross Country Club (Mrs Smith-Childs)

Speed, stamina, determination? Have you got what it takes to join Mrs S.C at our Cross Country Club. Teams look forward to competing in house and within the Banbury Partnership.






Art and DT Club (Mrs Haselgrove / Mrs Deegan/ Mrs Barratt)


Vincent van Gogh? Piscasso? Jackon Pollock?

Whoever your favourite artists, why not ‘brush’ up your skills and come to Art Club.





Ball Games Club (Mrs Smith-Childs)

Throwing, catching, rolling, kicking, shooting, defending, passing. So many new skills to learn at Ball Games Club. Don’t forget to bring PE kit and a water bottle.






Choir Club (Miss Smith)

We learn how to breathe and warm up properly and learn a range of songs to perform in whole school assemblies.

We love to perform at Children, Signing for Children at St Mary’s Church as well as our very own ‘GrangeFest’








Computer Club (Mr Lane)

Explore Purple Mash with Mr Lane. Play games, create your own animations  and learn new skills. Look out on the timetable for your age group!








Dance Club (Ms Williams – Parent)

Get into the groove at Dance Club. Learn routines to a range of modern favourites with Olive’s mum.

Don’t forget to bring a snack and a change of ‘cool clothes’



Gymnastics Club (Mrs Smith-Childs)

Our P.E specialist teacher Mrs Smith-Childs runs our gymnastics club where children learn a range of new moves and routines. Some children have even competed at county level.








Gardening Club (Mr Fowler)

We have great fun during the spring and summer months planting seeds, learning about the different parts of plants, composting, and making worm gardens. We even made a bug hotel with pallets!








Football Club

(Ryan Jones – Banbury United Manager / Year 6 Sports Reps )

Improve your football skills in our lunchtime Football Club run by Ryan Jones – Banbury United Manager.




Cooking Club (Mrs Haselgrove / Miss Taylor)

We love grating, peeling, slicing and mixing food during our cooking club. We have learnt about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.

We do ask for a donation for ingredients.


Games Club (Miss O’Connor / Miss Cotter /School Council Reps)

Chess? Draughts? Snakes and Ladders?

Enjoy time playing board games with your friends during lunchtime. Look out for your Year Group on the Termly Clubs Timetable.

Drama Club (Miss O’Connor)

Do you have an interest in acting? Our Drama Club is designed to build some foundational skills for budding actors and is great fun!

Year 6 Booster (Ms Boswell / Miss Kempson)

In Year 6 we are given the opportunity to attend a ‘Breakfast Booster Club’.

We use this time to practise key skills in Maths, Reading and SPaG. We enjoy the opportunity to work with Ms Boswell and she gives us ‘top tips’ on how to approach thing we find difficult.



Phonics (Mrs G / Mr Lane)

Do you know all the Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 sounds?

Phonics Club is a great way to practise sounds with fun games using the computers.

Rounders (Mrs Smith-Childs)

Learn to be part of a team and play Rounders. Throwing, catching, bowling, batting, and fielding. Have you got what it takes? Our Rounders Team participated in games as part of the Banbury Partnership.

Books and Biscuits (Miss Bramall / Mr Lane)

Listen to your favourite story and enjoy a biscuit with your classmates.

Books and Biscuits is a great chance to be able to talk about books and answer questions about what we have read.


Forest School (‘Treemendously Wild’)

An exciting child-led forest school and outdoor education group at The Grange. The club includes woodland crafts, sensory play, wild play, stories, campfire cooking and many other Treemendously Wild adventures!

Each week provides an opportunity to explore, develop skills and connect with nature.

Netball (Mrs Smith- Childs)

Improve your netball skills and learn how to play as part of a team with Mrs S.C.

Cricket Club (Mrs Smith-Child / Year 6 Sports Reps)

Improve your skills in bowling, batting or fielding in our cricket club.

The Grange Cricket Team also enter Banbury Partnership events.

Karate (External provision - Sensei Gareth Rees)

The style of karate taught is Shukokai a traditional Japanese system which is superb for boys and girls.   All new students will be licensed through the governing body and will have gradings sanctioned by the SKA.

Tennis (Mrs Smith-Childs)

Join Mrs Smith-Childs and learn how to play tennis. Please remember to wear P.E kit and bring a water bottle.

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